Chef on a Diet—After 11 Weeks: Down 17

The last 2 weeks have been incredibly busy both at work and at home, so I was actually shocked to see the scale saying I have now lost 17 pounds! I have to say, it has been challenging. While dieting these last two weeks, I have celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary, spent a weekend with my parents, and visited with old friends from out of town. In my world, such events usually involve eating out with lots of food and drink. So, I had to make a plan for myself before I set out.

First, choosing the right restaurant is important. For one event, we switched our choice of restaurant from the one we originally planned to go to—the one w/ super gourmet buttery food—to another great option, one w/ lots of fresh seafood. I have gotten into the habit of ordering my fish blackened so I have lots of flavor, and I request no oil or butter. Second, I planned what I was going to eat and how much before I got to any of the restaurants for any of the events, and this planning included any appetizers. Appetizers can be very dangerous, and most times I just skip them now. However, when I do order one, I’ll usually just order another appetizer for my entrée or choose something else that is on the small side. And I never feel bad for not finishing—I am pretty good about guessing my portion size and I try to stick to it even when eating out.

Next weekend may be trickier—a weekend in the desert for the wedding of one of my best friends!

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