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Denise Macuk, Owner and Executive Chef

Denise Macuk, Owner and Executive Chef

California Chef has over 12 years experience making and delivering delicious, healthy meals in Los Angeles! We’re a local Los Angeles company that prides itself on superior quality and service, and we are committed to providing delicious healthy meal delivery to anyone in the Los Angeles area, no matter what their dietary restrictions. So, for about the same price as mass-produced meal delivery services, California Chef offers a truly custom meal delivery service.

All meals are cooked by trained chefs, not factory line workers, according to individual preferences, with every portion carefully weighed out and measured for each client. We use only top-of-the-line ingredients that we hand select. We can prepare meals to meet any dietary requirements, and we will make your meals taste delicious!

Satisfaction is guaranteed; we really want you to love each and every meal!

“California Chef Services is the best thing that ever happened to me.”
- Sandy Pedeflous, Oak Park

Owner and executive chef Denise Macuk specializes in creating meals that are not only healthy but taste great. Her recipes have been included in nutrition and cookbooks and have been featured on television. You can hear Denise regularly on, and read her articles on

Chef Denise has helped Los Angeles celebrities, professional athletes, business executives, and thousands of other Angelinos lose weight and keep it off. She works closely with Los Angeles’ top nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, and trainers to develop nutritionally balanced diet meals that get consistent results!

Based in Los Angeles, she has traveled to more than 30 countries to study their gastronomy, and was classically trained in Asian, Italian, French, Mexican, and vegetarian cuisines. As a result, California Chef’’s menus have an unrivaled variety, and each meal can be altered to fit your personal dietary needs.

Delivery Area: California Chef provides meal delivery to the greater Los Angeles area, from Pasadena to Santa Monica and Malibu, and from Thousand Oaks to the cities of the South Bay:  Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes. For a more complete list, click on Delivery.

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  • “THANK YOU! The quality of my life has increased dramatically with just two days of eating your food. Everything is just delicious. Losing weight and being healthy will be easy this way. I swear, this is what heaven will be like.”
    - Katie, Calabasas

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