I’ve been very fortunate to have California Chef Services as part of my daily diet and regimen. My dietary needs are extremely detailed and I appreciate the fact that even though I must drive Denise crazy with all my special requests, she and CCS come through like champions!
-Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Actor

Can you believe I’ve lost almost 20 lbs. after starting with you guys and feel so much better? Just thought I’d mention that. Once again, you guys have a GREAT SERVICE!
-Manav Wadhwa, Burbank

I love that the meals are prepared exclusively for me, and I can’t believe the menu is healthy and lowfat. . . . All the entrees have so much flavor!!!

-Randy Bertish, Westwood

Part of my goal with doing your meal delivery was to lose weight and to lower my blood pressure. I have reached my goal weight—losing 22 lbs. and lowering my blood pressure by 20 points! It’s been awesome!
–Stefanie Pollard, Sherman Oaks

I’ve been eating the foods provided on their plan for 6 weeks now and everything is delicious! My favorites are the protein pancakes and the High Protein Oatmeal!! Delish! oh! and I feel great!!
-Lisa Marie, Actress/Dancer

OMG! I absolutely LOVE this program! I have used Freshology, The Fresh Diet, Zen and Sunfare over the last 3 years. I am so fortunate to have found you. The food is amazing. I have lost weight without ever going hungry. I am so full after each meal and the food is fresh and quite delicious. The sweet snacks are wonderful. Thank you!
-Jan Andelson, Tarzana

We have lost 37 pounds to date and I have dropped 50 points on my cholesterol! Thought you might like to know.
-John & Stephanie Blakkan, Thousand Oaks

I LOVE California Chef Services. I have tried other meal delivery services and this is far superior. The meals are freshly made, creative and most importantly delicious. Recipes are always being updated, so it never gets boring. I started deliveries with CCS to lose weight, and this made the process so easy. I love to eat LOTS of food and I was shocked at how much I could eat and still lose weight.
-Joann Palanker, Santa Monica

Thank you for your great work. I’m losing weight and feeling better because your delicious meals make it easy not to cheat! Your food and service is the very best I’ve had (and I’ve tried a lot of them).
-Barry Burns, Malibu

I just want to thank you for your help with the players. Your services are a great benefit to the Clippers organization.
-Rich Williams, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Clippers

First of all I want to commend you on the superior cooking, preparation of dishes, punctual delivery, varied menu, and all around excellence that your service provides. I have had home delivery chefs for nearly 15 years now, and yours is far, far and away the best. There is no comparison between what you are doing and what others have done or tried to do from my own personal experience.
–Stanley Weiser, Santa Monica

According to my doctor, I’ve lost about 50 lbs.  His quote, “You’re doing much better than I could’ve ever expected.”  He asked me what’s changed and I told him about California Chef.  I have more energy now.  I’ve stopped taking Prilosec because I no longer have acid reflux.  A big success story for you guys for the holidays.  Thank you!
-Larry Darden, Los Angeles

I just want to let the whole world know that deciding to try out California Chef Services is one of the best choices I’ve ever made!  I can’t stop telling people about it!  I have actually loved every meal they’ve sent – amazing!!!  The flavors were unbelievable, and I’m just so, so, so thankful to have found such a simple, well run, well priced way for me to eat healthy meals and not have to spend any time shopping and cooking! Thank you, thank you, thank you – and please keep up the great work!
-Kelli Bass, Santa Monica

I have started losing a little weight. I was on my way before I started with you (meaning I had busted through that horrible plateau) but it is really moving now. Everywhere I go people are noticing. I thought you all would want to know.
-Lauren Costine, West Hollywood

By the way, Jan and I like the food so much we have referred several people to you. . . . In the 6 months I have been eating the food I have lost close to 70 pounds!
-Bruce Andelson, Tarzana

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your delicious food. . . . Why I wasted my time and money on one of your competitors is beyond me. Everyone at your company’s really nice—right down to your delivery man!!!
-Jodi Swanson, Camarillo

I have tried several of the other food delivery services available in Los Angeles and they don’t compare to California Chef Services. First off, the food tastes fresh. It is custom made for my own likes. Others claim they do, but each meal gives me exactly what I crave! And even more important, the portions always seem so big, taste so good, and leave me completely satisfied and happy. Did I also mention that the weight has been falling off of me?
-Steve Dworman, Los Angeles

I am loving the food! My children commented that I had more energy this week … it’s amazing what food can do. I am so happy!!! Thank you for making at least one aspect of my life stress free!
-Antoinette Johnson, Somis

California Chef Services is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had major health challenges that needed to be addressed right away, including with the way I ate. I love food and wanted it to taste good but was very limited in ingredient choices. I also did not have the time to buy, prepare and cook all of my meals. Well, Denise came to my rescue. Not only do the meals taste great but the creativity in presentation and choices make it even better! I love eating and being healthy. Thanks, Denise!
-Sandy Pedeflous, Oak Park

The meals are so delicious! You even have me eating salmon, which is a feat in itself. Thank you for the low/no fat meals, they are working out perfectly with my work schedule and helping me get down to an acceptable BMI.
-Sue C., Camarillo

My husband knows he did not marry me for my cooking. Considering I don’t know how to cook, California Chef Services brings the ease, convenience, and all the freshness to my table every night with homemade dinners. I save loads of time so I can do what I like doing best, being with my kids more. My family now enjoys all types of food and enjoys the variety. My favorites are the stuffed lamb chops, gnocchi and the chicken enchiladas. My family can’t complain about “what’s for dinner” since it’s not “meatloaf, Costco, or baked chicken . . . again.” It’s like going to a great restaurant every night in my own home and it is sooooo delicious.
-The Wank Family, Agoura Hills

I love the terrific selection of low-cal vegetarian options at California Chef Services. I leave the menu to them, so enjoying great meals couldn’t be easier.
-Sean Astin, Actor

My parents just had your fabulous, gourmet meal in the comfort of their own home. When I heard that you sold gift certificates, I was so excited to find the perfect gift for my parents’ special anniversary. Besides my parents loving the wonderful food and the ability to have a 1st class gourmet meal without having to get dressed up and go out, the best thing for me was that I was able to give them a unique gift that I knew they had never had before! And they loved it! Thank you, Denise, for making me look good!
-Linda Tannenbaum, Agoura Hills

California Chef Services is a fantastic service for our busy family. It’s the perfect combination of the high quality and convenience of fine dining, with the healthy choices and personal touch of home-cooked meals delivered right to your home. Our menu choices have been customized to fit the personal tastes of our entire family so that even our toddler enjoys the meals.
-Nicole Visitacion, Camarillo

Denise Macuk elevates cooking to an art form. An offering of her food is an extraordinary eating experience, as well as a visual delight. I have had the pleasure of sampling a wide variety of her appetizers, as well as some of her more hearty fare. Thanks to a large assortment of CCS starters, the appetizers at my holiday party received rave reviews.
-Roxanne Camron, Thousand Oaks

I highly recommend California Chef Services. I was having difficulty finding a delivery service that would do organic meals, and Denise was very accommodating. The food is delicious and I’ve found that it’s less expensive than eating out. Since I have a newborn now, it is especially nice to have healthy, organic meals that I can just heat up. Truly, I cannot say enough about Denise and California Chef Services.
-Traci S., Simi Valley

The appetizers from California Chef Services were the highlight of our party. In the early part of the evening few guests wandered beyond arm’s reach of the appetizers. During the main course most people were still talking about them! After describing what I wanted, Denise helped me decide on the variety and quantity of food needed. Her recommendations worked out perfectly. In addition to providing great food and professional service, Denise is easy and fun to work with. How did I know to call Denise? I had been to several events where she provided the food!
-Catherine Anderson, Thousand Oaks

Wow, well, we love our food! . . . Bill is still raving about the pizza. . . . Everything has been so flavorful and well presented. I haven’t gone hungry at all and Bill feels like he’s already lost weight and is soo motivated. He gets so excited now everyday to see what specialties he gets to experience! Thank you!!
-Apryl Prose and Bill Papariella, Malibu

THANK YOU! The quality of my life has increased dramatically with just two days of eating your food. Everything is just delicious. Losing weight and being healthy will be easy this way. I swear, this is what heaven will be like.
-Katie, Calabasas

The food is absolutely stupendous—better than we could have ever hoped for in a meal plan. We have adored every single meal. . . . We are so, so impressed and grateful that Denise’s eye for quality and her palette completely match our own. I couldn’t imagine a better match. Such exceptional quality and eye for seasons and freshness and detail AND ease of preparation. Really, you guys, you’ve won over two tough cookies.
-Will Scheffer & Mark Olsen, Writers & Creators of “Big Love”

I want to thank you very much for all of the delicious food! I have been able to reach my weight loss goals and I never felt like I was on a diet! Thank you very much!
-Caroline Sutton, Oak Park

Are we absolutely sure that I’m getting gluten-free food? The reason I’m asking is that I can’t get OVER how good everything is!! I am totally hooked. I cannot tell you how delicious these meals are to me – and I am SO picky! I really feel like I have my own personal chef! [And, in case you're wondering, yes, we here at California Chef are absolutely sure that all of Julia's food has been and remains gluten free.]
-Julia Flint, Burbank

Just so you know, part of my goal with doing your meal delivery was to lose weight and to lower my blood pressure. I have reached my goal weight – losing 22 lbs. – and have lowered my blood pressure by 20 points! It’s been awesome.
-Stefanie Pollard, Sherman Oaks

We are LOVING the food!! I’m a type 1 diabetic, and my blood sugars are awesome. It’s so great knowing the exact carbohydrate content of every meal.
-Natalie Strand, Santa Monica

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  • “I LOVE California Chef Services. I have tried other meal delivery services and this is far superior.”
    - Joann Palanker, Santa Monica

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