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The first Los Angeles diet food delivery service that doesn’t taste like diet food!   For over 12 years, all over Los Angeles, people have been eating our delicious, healthy food and losing weight! Our secret is tailoring every recipe to your personal taste, calorie requirements, and nutritional needs. Imagine losing weight just by eating the food you love! And it’s conveniently delivered fresh to your Los Angeles home or office! Doesn’t that sound like the best diet ever?

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“In the 6 months that I have been eating California Chef’s food, I’ve lost 70 pounds!”
Bruce Andelson, Tarzana

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this service!!!”  Shanelle O., Valencia

We’re a local, Los Angeles–based company. See why we’re LA’s best diet food delivery service. 

Diet Meal Delivery Sample Menu – Delivered Fresh to Your Los Angeles Door

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Dessert
Day 1 Four Cheese Frittata, Potato Oat Muffin Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Sticky Brown Rice, Asian Vegetables Garlic & Herb Spread w/ Whole Grain Crackers Italian Turkey Meatballs & Brown Rice Pasta, Roasted Asparagus & Mushrooms Brownie Sandwich
Day 2 High-Protein Waffles w/Maple Syrup & Fresh Blueberries, Turkey Bacon Philly Cheese Steak Panini w/Peppers & Onions, Mixed Greens Fruit Smoothie Sugar & Spice Salmon, Orange Basil Wild Rice, Green Bean Noisette Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzels
Day 3 Greek Scramble,              Lemon Poppy Seed Scones Cheeseburger Pizza Artichoke Dip & Baked Corn Chips Chicken Enchiladas & Cilantro Lime Corn, Zippy Grilled Zucchini Mixed Berry Parfait

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Simply tell us what food you like and don’t like, and you’ll lose weight by eating delicious, nutritionally balanced meals that you’ll love! When you love what you eat, you don’t have to cheat!™

  • Your Diet Meal Delivery menu will be designed specifically for you, based on the foods you like.
  • Your daily calories will be calculated just for you.
  • Each diet meal will be nutritionally balanced with lean protein, fresh seasonable vegetables, and healthy carbs to help you lose weight by eating delicious, healthy food.
  • Our chef-prepared meals are satisfying, and best of all, you’ll never feel like you’re on a diet as you enjoy a variety of incredible foods like pizza, enchiladas, and burgers!
  • Everything is delivered fresh to your Los Angeles door. We deliver throughout the greater Los Angeles area!
  • Gluten-free diet meals, low-sodium diet meals, and vegetarian diet meals are never a problem and don’t cost a penny extra!

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Why is Los Angeles’s best diet meal delivery service California Chef? Because our diet meal delivery is all about you! We really want you to love every diet meal! We’ll calculate your daily calories specifically for you, and your personal chef will create your diet meals using only the food that you like, so you’ll actually enjoy sticking to your diet. Our gourmet, healthy recipes have been expertly crafted over 10 years of service. The best part is that for about the same price as mass-produced diet food delivery services, you’ll receive the best food delivery service: customized, chef-prepared, gourmet meals (our pricing is below, keep scrolling). Everything we do flows from our core philosophy: When you love what you eat, you don’t have to cheat!™

Here’s our pricing for Diet Meal Delivery in the greater Los Angeles area. As you can see, an organic upgrade for weight-loss diets is also available.

Diet Meal Delivery Prices Per Person**

Per Day 5 Days 7 Days
Dinners Only $25 $125 $175
Lunch + Dinner $38 $190 $266
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $46 $230 $322
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2 Snacks $54 $270 $378
4 Meals Per Day $56 $280 $392

Organic Diet Meal Delivery Prices Per Person**

Your diet meals will be made with organic protein and wild-caught seafood whenever possible.

Per Day 5 Days 7 Days
Dinners Only $28 $140 $196
Lunch + Dinner $44 $220 $308
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $55 $275 $385
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2 Snacks $66 $330 $462
4 Meals Per Day $68 $340 $476


“The portions always seem so big, taste so good, and leave me completely satisfied and happy . . . the weight has been falling off me.”
–Steve Dworman, Los Angeles

*New clients only. Purchase 5 or more days of any meal delivery service and we’ll give you your first day of meal delivery for free!

**Weekly $15 delivery fee applies to most areas.

Extra-large-portion meals are also available and may incur additional cost. Contact us today to discuss your diet meal requirements at or 818.993.3631.

Diet Meal delivery provided to the greater Los Angeles area, from Pasadena to Santa Monica and Malibu, and from Thousand Oaks to the cities of the South Bay – Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes. For a more complete list click on Delivery.

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  • “I've been very fortunate to have California Chef Services as part of my daily diet and regimen. My dietary needs are extremely detailed and I appreciate the fact that . . . CCS come through like champions!”
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