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Best Times to Exercise by Dr. Farid Zarif

You have either asked this question or wondered about it, “What are the best times for exercise.Now a new study may finally shine some light on the matter. Researchers found that exercising before eating has several beneficial effects, including preventing weight gain and maintaining insulin sensitivity. Researchers in Belgium took 27 healthy young men and […]

Welcome Dr. Farid Zarif to the California Chef Team!

Dr. Farid Zarif is a professional nutritionist. He is a former instructor at Western University School of Medicine, and has a PhD in human nutrition with a masters in public health. Dr. Zarif has 10 plus years of experience in management and education, his specialties are: Eating disorders, mental wellness therapy, holistic and functional nutrition, […]

Happy Anniversary, California Chef!

We at California Chef are celebrating our 13th year in business this month! And we would like to thank each and every one of you who have used our service at any time during that span! From Day 1, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best food for our clients, and we can […]

Yelp Users Say, “We Love You, California Chef!”

We just received a certificate from Yelp acknowledging us as “one of the most highly rated and best reviewed businesses on Yelp!” This follows notification back in April that for the 5th year in a row, we have been named an American Express Card Member Favorite! The message seems crystal clear: Once people try California […]

A Spring in Our Step on This Taxing Day!

Although Tax Day is rarely a cause for celebration, we at California Chef were just informed that we were once again named as an American Express Card Member Favorite! We work hard every day to prepare the absolute finest meals so that all of our clients can enjoy wonderful dishes specifically tailored to meet their […]

Take This Close Call to Heart!

Four weeks ago, today, my mom had a heart attack. I never ever thought it would happen to her. There is no heart disease in our family; she doesn’t have high blood pressure; she has healthy cholesterol levels; and she is fun-loving and easygoing. Yet, she was rushed to the hospital with one of her […]

Freshology and Fresh Diet Are Gone, So Make a Fresh Start With California Chef!

Last year at about this time we heard that Freshology had gone out of business. Now, we get news that Fresh Diet has closed its doors too. Since almost no one goes into the food business without having a real passion for it, we genuinely empathize with the pain and disappointment that those who worked […]

Give the Gift That’s Always in Good Taste!

Who do you know in the Los Angeles area that would like delicious, healthy meals delivered fresh to their door? California Chef gift certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who loves healthy food, is too busy to cook, needs to adhere to a special diet, or wants to lose weight. Family-style meals and individual […]